Alexander Boukhanovsky

About the speaker

Prof. Alexander Boukhanovsky is the director of the National Center for Cognitive Research and the head of the School of Translational IT at ITMO University. The Russian Federation Government Prize Laureate in the field of education (2016), Dean of the year 2020 by the Board of Professors of the Russian Federation. Team leader and participant of more than 70 projects and grants in ICT. His current research interests include machine learning and cognitive ICT, computational intelligence, high-performance computing, complex systems simulation, decision support systems, social and urban computing. He is the author of more than 280 publications (cited over 1500 times) and 38 registered IP. He has successfully advised 35 Ph.D. candidates.


The classical understanding of strong artificial intelligence as the capacity to duplicate human intellectual abilities when solving creative problems currently has a limited potential for implementation. However, for certain areas of science and technology with a well-developed formal apparatus, a computer simulation of the creative process is possible through the combination of a priori knowledge of the subject area and generative technologies of their use (for example, based on evolutionary computations or swarm intelligence). Application of this mechanism to the decision support of a specialist (researcher or technology developer) gives rise to a new class of cognitive systems of generative artificial intelligence that have the explainability and interpretability of the decisions they create. This lecture will consider the features of the creation and application of such systems for various fields of knowledge, including the automatic construction of digital models and descriptions of objects in the real world.