Eric Duviella - Contribution of Artificial Intelligence and Automatic Control to water system

About the speaker

Eric Duviella is a Professor of the Institut Mines-Telecom Lille Douai. His research activities are related to modeling approach without exhaustive knowledge on the systems, to supervision and control techniques, with an experience of 20 years on the study of hydrographical systems, the coordination of 3 national projects, and more than 150 publications.


Automatic Control (AC), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Operations Research offer sufficiently mature techniques to develop intelligent management architectures dealing with large-scale complex systems. Among this class of systems, water networks present interesting challenges. These water networks are used to meet human needs, e.g. drinking water, irrigation, navigation, industry. Even if today, they are often well managed, they will be impacted by climate change (more frequent strong events) and population increase, leading to open issues. In the talk, we will present 20 years’ experience of modelling, control, management of water systems, by highlighting how AC and AI techniques have contributed to address these challenges