George Kampis - Agent Based Modeling of Complex Systems

About the speaker

Full professor and founding chairman (1994-2016) of the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at Eötvös University in Budapest ( Since the department was discontinued in 2016, he has been with the Dept. of Ethology. He holds a Ph.D. and a Habilitation in Biology and a D.Sc. in Philosophy of Science. Main research interests also in Artificial Life, cognitive science (Director of the Budapest Semester in Cognitive Science,, evolutionary modeling, and complex systems ( Has about 160 scientific publications, author or editor of several books with the international publishers Elsevier, Kluwer, and Springer. He joined DFKI (the German Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, as a part-time Senior Researcher in Embedded Intelligence in 2012.


Complex systems are everywhere: from biology to human societies to the economy. Their study has just begun and modelling is the main tool to approach them. Agent-based modelling offers to understand complex systems from a „direct“ agent (or individuum) based perspective. In the talk, we first introduce agents and complex systems. Then we discuss the properties of (cognitive) agents using modal logic. In particular, we consider the role of „knowledge“. Finally, we consider a few examples for ABM modelling of complex systems, using NetLogo, an easy-to-use professional modelling language and environment