school in brief

Intensive Training School 

Number of credits: 2 ECTS. Please be aware that acceptance of transfer credit is always a decision of receiving institutions. Any student interested in transferring 2 ECTS credits to another college or university should check directly with the receiving institution.


The aim of the summer school is to give participants practical skills in working with data and building models on data using machine learning, as well as introduce modern tools in this area.


Summer School programme consists of one week of master classes as well as a team project work under the supervision of professional mentors.

Team project work includes operations with the real scientific data in various subject areas including but not limited to

  • medical data (from clinical paths to medical images);
  • financial and retail data (bank transactions, etc.);
  • social media data characterizing various aspects of human behavior;
  • urban data characterizing the mobility of citizens (including street video cameras and transport ticket data);
  • industrial data characterizing various operation modes of technical devices and networks.

Each team will present their projects on the final day of the Summer School and the jury will appoint winning teams.

Number of places is limited, the decision will be made on Motivation Letter

Motivation Letter Template